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Financial Literacy Month 2020 - Target 3

Financial Podcasts Worth Listening To...

Financial Podcasts - Financial Literacy

April is Financial Literacy Month! What safer way to catch up on the latest and greatest financial tips than with a Podcast! What are some podcasts you listen to currently?

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Featured Podcasts:

Ep 210 – Stimulus Checks Are Coming! Here’s What To Do With Yours - Brown Ambition with Mandi and Tiffany

Ep.159 – Finding Joy & Career Moves During

Coronavirus/Covid-19 ft. Tiffany Southerland of the How Does She Do It Podcast - Paychecks & Balances 

Ep. 78 - Real Estate Investing & Doing Business w/ your Significant Other with Xavier & Deanna - Millionaire Mindsets

Financial Literacy Education for Youth

Cha-Ching Educational Videos

Cha-Ching Educational Videos

Watch Now

We are still promoting Financial Literacy Month! Are you looking for fun and creative ways to teach your children about money and saving? Check out these super fun and helpful videos courtesy of Discovery Education and Jackson Charitable Foundation.

Discovery Education and Jackson Charitable Foundation are proud to present Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids! This partnership amplifies this engaging and fun financial literacy program, extending its impact to schools and homes across America. Join the Cha-Ching band as they prepare kids grades K-6 with the knowledge, tools and practice they need to make informed decisions to reach their goals and dreams. 

Please visit

#AKA1908 #RhoOmicronOmega #BuildingYourEconimicLegacy 

#Target3 #BaytownAKAS

#SupportBlack365Safely BINGO!


As we close out Financial Literacy Month we hope that you are continuing to practice safety and social distancing. In the midst of this pandemic, we also hope that you are continuing to support your small businesses, especially your black owned businesses. In an effort to highlight our #ROOBlackDollar365 initiative, we would like you to join us in friendly game of BINGO! Mark off your cards and show us the many ways are are able to show your support! Follow the activities on the card and post a picture with the hashtag #SupportBlack365Safely and tag us! Don't forget to also share your cards! We can't wait to see them!


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